A century ago, the classic General Store was a staple of every community. Shopkeepers stocked shelves with seasonal goods, bulk items and specialty products of all sizes to serve the local community. Patrons were faced with less packaging and fewer choices but found everything they needed, and maybe a little more.

Preserving the timeless aspects of an old concept, our shelves are carefully stocked with lifestyle essentials for the modern shopper. While we honor the past, we also consider the future by seeking out products (whenever possible) with:

Coffee Bean

Ethical Origins

Coffee Bean

Low Environmental Impact

Coffee Bean

Artisan Quality Craftsmanship

Coffee Bean

Healthy & Safe for Families

Along with the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience, the store recaptures the spirit of the General Store by operating as much as a community hub as a place of commerce. Follow us on social media to learn about educational workshops, discussions and other community events happening at Currant.

The Shelves

Each item is carefully curated and sourced because of the very special story it tells. We celebrate craftmanship, quality and uniqueness and carry products in the following categories:

· Home goods
· Skincare & Beauty
· Apparel & Accessories
· Pets
· Kids & Toys
· Bulk dispensary
· and more…

The Service

“We treat anyone who walks in our doors like a member of our extended family…”

We have high standards when it comes to servicing our customers. We believe in human-oriented interactions and making sure friendly, welcoming faces are part of your experience at Currant. Currant crew, team members, and staff in both the retail and café spaces are here to educate about our unique product assortment and specialty coffee.

Join the Community
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19 E. Front St.
Red Bank, NJ

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